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Make Money From Blogging

I've noticed more and more stay at home moms looking to make money from blogging.  Maybe it’s because being at home all day we want to stay productive and provide a source of income. Now this post isn't just for moms, it’s for everyone who wants to start up a blog or make their blog more profitable. As a new mom I've noticed more mommy bloggers and am gearing this post towards you!! I hope this post leaves you inspired!

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4 Types of Hashtags You Should Be Using to Increase Traffic


Are you taking advantage of hashtags? Are you reaching your target market? Using hashtags is the # 1 way to get new viewers to see your content.

Instagram is my number one referrer to my blog. Without it I wouldn't receive nearly as much traffic as I do. Since stepping up my Instagram game I've gained 25% more followers and tripled my views in two weeks. A simple way I upped my game was to use hashtags and not just any old hashtags but ones that add value to your image.

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