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Escape A Lifetime of Soul-Sucking Jobs

There are plenty of reasons that it’s time to quit your job. Maybe it's those urgent emails your boss keeps sending you or those late nights meeting deadlines. Whatever the reason for you, some jobs just suck the life out of you. Yet we aren't sure how to get out of them or maybe one day you had enough and quit and now you aren't sure of your decision or know and what steps to take next. 

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Three Ways I Monetized My Blog

There are many people who are now exploring the option of blogging and being able to earn from it. A blog can be developed on practically any topic you can think of!

The important thing if it is going to earn you money is that you consistently post content. The posts need to be relevant to your topic, interesting and provide value to readers.

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7 Key Things Your Website Might be Missing

When launching a business or website we get so excited about finding the right website theme, web hosting, photos, and creating the most appealing content that we forget about some very key components. We review our site a billion times to ensure that it is perfect, but is it really perfect? I’ve listed 7 key elements that you may want to make sure you have on your site.  

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