5 Tips For Bloggers to Take Into 2017

5 Simple Tips To Boost Your Blog 


With 2016 coming to an end, it’s so important that you get your blog geared up for a new year! From a mix of current trends, reader preference, and algorithmic changes; here are a few key elements to take into the New Year:

Make Your Posts Bite Size

This is a major reader preference trend! With so little time and so much to read, there’s no wonder why posts are getting bypassed. No reader wants to sit and read a super long post. Make your content bite sized and easy to digest. Break your blog post up into a series. Keep the content high quality and consistent but keep it short and sweet!

Make Content Easily Shareable

If you want to get your content to as many unique viewers without spending hundreds on Facebook ads and pay to play methods, make your content shareable! Remember me mentioning this in “3 Blog Sharing Tips for Beginners?” Add Click to Tweet options, Pinterest Pins, Facebook Shares, and more!

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Connect With Your Readers

There are dozens, I mean dozens of blogs, communities, Facebook Groups, Tribes, you name it!... But what keeps your readers coming your way? Don’t treat your readers as a page view or a product of traffic volume. Connect with you readers! For readers who comment most, are you social sharing sidekicks, or send lots of love and referrals, give them some exclusivity? This could be in your time via a personalized thank you email or an @ mention there way.

Grow Your Email List

This should probably be #1… Anyways. I’m sure you’ve heard Mariah Coz or Melyssa Griffin and countless others say it and I’m going to say it again. YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS! So what does this mean? This means you MUST grow your email list and make your email list as long as your following because you OWN your email list. These email subscribers are giving you an invite to their own personal space, their inbox! 


These days with all of the self-proclaimed experts and specialist on the world wide web, just be yourself! Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Don’t copy someone. Just be you. It’s fine to get ideas from well-established bloggers but give it your own twist. Not an expert? No worries! You’re enough! You may not be the BEST but you are better than many out there. Be those persons’ expert, in time you will get there.

Having trouble incorporating these tips into your routine? Don’t hesitate to reach out!