Weekly Goals 001

Hey everyone! Welcome to a new blog series where I share my weekly goals. I've been wondering what everyone would like to see more of on Thistle + Oak and I'm really happy with the feedback I've received. As I suspected many of you want to hear more about my day to day life. I'm committed to posting once a week, sharing a little update on how the week went and some things I would like to accomplish in the coming week. I encourage you to share some things you would like to accomplish as well. Either write it in the comments or link to a blog post about it.

I seem to keep piling on more and more items to my to-do list, but not the kind where I can finish a project and cross it off. I seem to start something and then it goes unfinished for weeks. I would like to be able to start crossing things off my list and feel productive. This is where I'm asking for your help! You can join in the fun and participate too! In an effort to hold myself accountable I will be posting weekly goals and follow up in the following week to see how I did. I don’t want to burn myself out or feel pressure to finish something every week (especially because everything depends on Baby Jane). After the week is up if I don’t complete something I will re-evaluate how well I did and whether or not I want to continue it for the next week. so without further ado...


1. I'd like to get two blog posts written, edited and scheduled. Jane and I up north to visit my parents for the week so while they're at work I'll have the time to write. Now unfortunately for productivity, they have cable TV (which we don't have at home) and I tend to get distracted with so many channel opportunities. Hopefully I will be able to stay focused and get some posts finished!

    1. Work on scheduling posts better.I really want to update my site and blog aswell.  I'd like it to have a better flow and for it to look a lot nicer. An update is long over due. Wish me luck!
    2. I'd also like to think of something a little more catchy than "Weekly Goals" for the title of these blog posts. Any ideas?

Share your goals and dreams in the comment section, email them to me, or join our goal group on Facebook at The Blog Tribetosee what other's goals are for the week. Hold me and yourself accountable to our goals and encourage others to achieve theirs! I'd love for you to join us and add a link or comment sharing your goals. It's a great way to get to know others from around the world and gain some motivation to achieve your aspirations.