Charlotte Exposed | My Tattoos

Good afternoon everyone!  Many people have asked about my tattoos so in today's post I will be going over and showing you some of them, where I got them, if it hurt, how much they cost, etc. 

Lotus & Tiara:

The very first tattoo that I got was a lotus sitting in a tiara on the back of my neck. For some reason, people usually think that their first tattoo has to have some big meaning. People spend years trying to put meaning into or trying to justify what their tattoo will be.  For me, I wanted to show that beauty can come out of the struggles of life. A lotus flower is planted in gross scummy mud at the bottom of a pond, and despite what it's been subject to, it emerges from the muck and water and is beautiful. 

As some of you know I've struggled with depression, bpd and anxiety my entire life. This tattoo was to signify sticking it out and still being beautiful just the way I am. 

Now, unfortunately, my body didn't like the ink that the tattoo was done in (could have been the metals or pigments etc that make up the ink). So my body actually rejected the ink so my tattoo healed it looked a little messed up. Oh well, live and learn!


After getting my neck tattoo mostly fixed I got some script on my arm. It says "We live by faith not by sight." Which again has a lot of meaning to me as a Christian. We don't have something physical that we can see to prove in the Almighty or Heaven. We must live by faith. This is something that has been a source of strength for me.

Side Piece, Thigh to Ribs:

I'm not exactly which came next but my Ship, Frame, Roses and Compass to a number of years to complete. I got the Ship & Frame in 2012 and started the Roses and Compass June 2013 and it wasn't until 2015 that it was finished. Every couple of months I would have another Rose shaded or added. 

This piece goes from my thigh all the way up my ribs. It is still not done because I want it to continue up higher onto my shoulder. But that will happen some day. 

Boba Fett:

My Starwars Tattoo and one of my favourites. 

Old School Sparrow, Rose& Moth:

I got the Bird on my arm, Moth and Rose on my knees all done at the same time. I just walked into the shop with a few ideas and this is what they made for me. I love how all the colours work together and surprisingly enough everyone I come across says how much they love the moth. Who knew!?

My Hand tattoos: 

Not sure what the chevron was for. I must have just liked it at the time.

The Triangle was one that my best friend, her step daughter and I all got together. Theirs were in white ink so I'm not even sure you can see them anymore. Mine was in black so it's still visible. Ha! I totally forgot we all got them together.  

My friend Larry actually liked the placement of my triangle so much that he got a matching triforce in the same place. #TattooBuddies. 

Charles Eames Chair:

My favouite tattoo is a 1950's chair from one of my favorite designers. He is a huge inspiration to me and this is probably the one tattoo that is totally ME. My entire apartment is 1950's furniture I love thrifting and vintage. No I'm not a hipster this passion actually runs in my family and many of them have businesses selling and restoring 1950s and 60s furniture and cookware. 

As an artist, I really love this designers innovation. His work really speaks to me and has influenced many of my art projects and paintings. (little tad of info you may not have known about me. I feel so exposed!) 

I'm always surprised when someone looks at my arm and can A) Ask why I have an Eames chair on my arm or B) can even tell that it's a chair at all. Haha 


This was the first tattoo I got after having Jane. Not only are peonies something my Mom loves but Jane is such a light and beauty in my life. I didn't neccesaraly get it for either of them but it does remind me of them. xo 

That's a wrap! 

I have two more tattoos in the works and hope to get them before winter hits! 

If you're interested in where I got all my grey scale tattoos check out Deborah at Unicus Studio. She's my best friend and one of the best tattoo artists I know.
Instagram: @UnicusStudio



Here's a bit of info on tattoos from my perspective and knowledge. 

COST: For a senior artist in the Vancouver area you're looking at  $150 - $250 an hour. Many artists will work out a lower price if you are wanting a bigger piece like a sleeve or something. If you want to pay less the quality is going to be less. I will never get a tatto from an aprentice or someone who isn't a senior artist. With the price tag is quality. A tattoo is going to be on your body forever. Pay to get it done right. 

The number one question I get asked:

"Does it hurt to get a tattoo?"

My initial (internal) response: " ... Is that actually a question you are asking me? It's a bunch of needles stabbing you over and over for hours at a time .. Does that sound like a picnic to you? Yes of course it hurts!" 

My actual responseYes, but once your endorphins kick in it's tolerable. Some places don't really hurt at all and feel more like a mild burning sensation and some places really really hurt and aren't fun at all. It also all depends on your pain tolerance.