Valentines Party for Our Kids

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It's February first and love is in the air. 

I remember being a kid and always loving Valentine's Day. My mom would always make delicious Tandoori chicken (it's red.. aka on theme) and we would make fun heart-shaped pink and red crafts. Now that I have a family of my own I really wanted to do something fun with Jane and what's more fun than a party with friends, jello and all the sweets and treats you can imagine. 

This past week Shana, from Life As Wife And Mom blog, and I hosted a fun Valentine's party for our little ones that we would like to share with you. We had lots of fun and we'd like to let you know how you can throw a fantastic Valentine's party for the littles in your life too. 

All you need to throw the perfect kids Valentines party is a few treats, some flowers and a couple of cute kids. You can hit your local bakery or make some treats of your own. If your kids are old enough it would be fun to get them in on the baking or decorating as well. For me, Jane's a bit too young still to understand or help me with some baking.. which I'm horrible at by the way.. BUT luckily, with the internet as my side-kick, I found a simple recipe to make some cute heart-shaped cherry filled cookies. (say that five times fast)

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A friend of ours, Hope, (who, unlike me, is actually a fantastic baker) baked delicious red velvet cupcakes for us. She and her cupcakes will also be appearing at Jane's Birthday Party next month. Which I can't wait to share with you!

Shana put together an amazing kid-friendly drink (for those of you 19+, putting a little rum or vodka in it is seriously fantastic, we may have tried it after the chaos of the party was finished and the kids were busy playing #MomLife). You can find the recipe for it right HERE. It was a big hit with the kids. It's definitely going to be a staple at our next party. 

Then, for a healthy alternative from all the sweets I made the kids individual cakes with vegan muffin mix and greek yogurt. If you wish to offer an all-vegan option you can use cultured almond milk or cultured coconut milk. I'm not a big fan of Daiya (another vegan cheese substitute) so I typically stick to coconut milk. If you've found a fantastic Daiya yogurt you love please let me know! 

These cakes were so simple and fun to make and easy to individualize by decorating them with flowers, berries and macarons on top. Again, I'll say I am not a baker and even I pulled it off. Here's a link to our families favourite vegan muffins which I put into a cake pan rather than muffin tins. If you want the full details on how to make and decorate the cake click HERE or the image below. 

Then to top it all off we had one of my favourites, rainbow jello. 

Thanks for checking out this post! If you're interested in any of the recipies used in this post click any of the following images and it will take you straight there.

Oh! And friends if you want to check out even more seriously adorable photos of this little party head over to Life As Wife And Mom to read her post!