VLOG: Silly Facts About Us - Q&A With Chris And Charlotte

Valentines Relationship Q&A

Here's a little backstory for you: I started vlogging last summer and enjoyed it but had trouble keeping up on posting everything I had recorded. This year I've started working on a number of those old vlogs to get them ready for release. As part of this video blogging journey, I've introduced a series called "Car Ride Chats" because going over all my old vlogs I've noticed that most of the dialogue happens in the car. When it's just Chris and I wasting time between the places we are going. Thus Car Ride Chats was born. 

So, without further ado, here is the first of this little series of chats we do. I'd love to get feedback from you and know what you'd like to see us chatting about. 

With Valentines Day around the corner, Chris and I are sharing some fun facts about is in a Q&A. Check out the video by following this link or continue to read below for a quick summary of our answers. Xo


What was your first impression of me?

Chris: Full of yourself a little bit, you had a walk about you and thought you were all that. Ha ha! You were also very cute. 

Charlotte: I too thought you were a bit full of yourself, haha, you would brag about how good at rowing you were. (which wasn't so much bragging but more just honesty). 

What is the best gift I've given you?

Chris: Beer stuff. You spent months looking for specific glasses and made paddles with divets in them to hold the glasses so we could have flights of beer at home.

Charlotte: Definitely, taking me to San Fransisco. It was so much fun and was the first time we were alone together since having Jane. 

Who's more outgoing? 

Chris: *Raises his hand*

Charlotte: Haha ya you are, I'm outgoing but you're extreme. 

Whats your favourite look for the other person?

Chris: It depends, I need a setting.

Charlotte: Family appropriate... I already know what you're going to say. 

Chris: Haha okay, Jeans, Chucks, and a tee shirt.

Charlotte: Called it. I like whatever you wear. You always are dressed up for work and so I'm just used to you in dress clothes. Always good.

Whats my favourite actor?

Chris: Oh, it's going to be one of those ugly dudes.... you like Tom Hardy. 

Charlotte: Hahahaha! Bingo! This is impossible for me to answer. You like too many. I could name every actress ever and you'd like her. 

What's my best physical trait? 

Chris: Your eyes.

Charlotte: Aww so cute .... *long pause* ..... Seriously?

Chris: Isn't this a family friendly vlog? 

Charlotte: Haha you can say my butt. You've got a good butt.. it's massive. 

Chris: 30 waste, 40 seat Haha 

What is my best trait? 

*Long silence ... *

Charlotte: Haha we go silent. Um, You're super thoughtful and helpful. 

Chris: That's boring. You are very supportive. 

Charlotte: Aw thank you Dear. 

What do we argue most about? 

Chris: Doing the dishes! Leaving your crap on the floor! Leaving stuff everywhere! Not cleaning up after yourself.!You name it, if its a chore, that's it! 

Charlotte: I would also say chores and cleaning. I need to work on that.... 

Have you ever pretended to sleep in order to avoid an argument?

Chris: Nope!

Charlotte: NO! You just fall asleep in the middle of the argument haha! 

Chris: Honestly, without even trying. I'll fight it and I'll just fall asleep. Ha ha

Who's the better cook?

Chris: * Raises Hand*

Charlotte: No! Me! Are you serious? 

Chris: Ok you.

What are you looking forward to this next year?

Chris: No travel, work-wise. I travelled a lot for work last year. I'm looking forward to being home.

Charlotte: Yes, that will be so nice. I'm really looking forward to Jane being older. Last year she was so little it was hard to do stuff that we like to do. Now she's a toddler and I think it will be a lot more fun going camping and playing on the beach and hiking etc. 

Thanks for checking out our fun little Q&A. There will be more chats to come. If you want to send us a topic or some questions you'd like to hear us address please don't be shy! My email is hello@charlottelaila.com.