Our Next Big Adventure

Chris and I are so excited for this coming year and the wonderful new challenges and so much love it will bring. 

This blog has been such a beautiful outlet for me to share my thoughts and our journey as a family. It began when Chris and I were a young couple, then to the addition of our hound dog hank, to the birth of our daughter and now with baby number two on the way!

This pregnancy has been very difficult so far, nothing like my pregnancy with Jane which was a breeze. I have been so sick that I have completely dropped off the map. I haven't been active on my social media, haven't seen or even spoken to friends. I've only seen family here and there between bouts of vomiting and illness. 

So many of my friends and followers have checked in to see if I was going okay because I totally dropped off the face of the earth. So to those of you who asked, thank you so much for your concern. I've basically lived in my pyjamas and on the couch sipping on the only thing my stomach would accept - chicken broth and fruit juice. 

The emotions and excitement that come along with this pregnancy are overwhelming. Yes, this pregnancy was planned for those of you who are wondering. About three and a half months ago we talked about how we were both ready to start trying for another baby, and.... three and a half months ago we got pregnant. We're so thankful that this little one came into our lives so easily and is growing so well and healthy.  We are on cloud 9 with how our little family is growing. 

I have a number of friends who are struggling to get pregnant and my heart goes out to all of them. At times my emotional rollercoaster of pregnant hormones makes me wonder how we've been so lucky when others are having such trouble. We are so blessed. 

We decided to tell our close family early on as we couldn't contain our excitement but waited until now to post it publically. Actually, I told Chris we were expecting on his birthday in front of my parents and little sister (who was in on the birthday surprise).  Check out the photos at the bottom of this post to see his reaction. 


I've received a number of questions regarding this pregnancy so I thought I would answer them below.

How far along are you?

As of today, May 27th, we are 14 weeks along. The little babe is the size of a peach. 

How have you been feeling?

A Well as written above I haven't been doing so well. The baby is fine but my morning sickness lasts all hours of the day and has been so terrible I've had to make multiple doctors visits and had bloodwork (and even stool samples) taken. Now that the 1st trimester is over I am feeling better but not 100% yet. 

Is the baby a boy or a girl?

Well, currently it's still too early to tell. And, just like with our first child, I don't think we will be finding out the gender. I would love to know now but Chris prefers a surprise and I'll admit it was fun not knowing what Jane was until we held her in our arms. 

Have you had any weird cravings?

I wouldn't call them weird per say since I had the same cravings with Jane. All I want to eat is fruit. Give me all the fruit. Strawberries, pineapple, apples, oranges, blackberries, bananas .. seriously you name a fruit and I will want to eat it. Same with fruit juice actually, I need to have some kind of fruit juice in the fridge at all times or I will lose my mind. Oh! And hummas, lots of hummas haha.

Are you redecorating the nursery?

Jane's room has been transitioned into a toddler playroom. We may eventually get around to rearranging the furniture and baby proofing but we have a bassinet that will stay in our room for the first little while with the new born so until we decide to have the new baby sleep in the room with Jane (without disturbing Jane's sleep too much) I don't see a major need to redecorate the nursery. 

Photos in this post were taken by Shana from Life As Wife And Mom Blog.