Month 3 Update - Habitat Schoolhouse

Month three update Habitat schoolhouse

Well, we officially hit three months on July 2nd and I am completely blown away by the work that was done and the progress this little business has had. Last month we hit 200 sales and this month were over 600 sales! Wahoo! I figured that sales would slow right down when summer hit but they've just increased exponentially.

Thank you, everyone, who has been following along this journey. We've had to make some exciting changes to keep up with all the orders, read below to find out what amazing things are happening at Habitat Schoolhouse.



This month we introduced more add-ons to our shop, such as flashcards a few worksheets and a really cool 36-page summer activity pack.  Last month we introduced something I'm totally excited about -  F R E E B I E   F R I D A Y  where every Friday we release a new free printable download. It's great because I'm able to share pages, activities and worksheets from the curriculum for free. 

This month we introduced a giveaway every Monday on our Instagram page. You can enter by posting photos of your kids using our curriculum and tagging #HabitatSchoolhouse in the photo. We've already got over 300 photos from students all over the world using our curriculum. It's created a fun community and is a great way to share ideas on how you are using the lessons and to get ideas for other lessons. 

THE MOST EXCITING THING THAT HAPPENED THIS MONTH: I've received so many orders and emails this month that I have actually needed to hire help to keep up with everything. So, I hired an editor and an administrative assistant to help out and they have been so wonderful. I no longer feel swamped in messages and emails and have so much more time to work on creating content. They have made my life so amazing, I'm able to be productive and feel accomplished at the end of the day rather than constantly feeling like I'm trying to keep up. You can read more about these to fantastic women HERE and if you'd like to send them a little thank you for all that they've done you can buy them a coffee! How cool is that? Just click the donate button below and you can send them a little donation as a thank you. 


Send Coffee!

I suspected this month to be slow as everyone is focusing more on summer and less on school but I was definitely wrong. So, I'm gearing up to be prepared for when August hits and everything BACK TO SCHOOL starts up. I will definitely need July to prep for that. 



For this month of July, we are focusing on more add-ons as people seem to really enjoy our flashcards and worksheets. I would like to have them printed this month and have hard copies available. I'm also getting used to having people work for me. It's been fantastic so far and as the month progresses they will settle into their roles and receive more responsibility and pay. 



We are just over halfway through the alphabet so by September the entire 26-week curriculum will be done. Again, it feels great looking back on where I was two months ago when this business just launched and see how far it has come already. I'm so happy to have started including things that I thought were only a dream. I would like to offer our curriculum in multiple languages, I would also like to start on a Kindergarten/ grade one curriculum and a few shorter lessons that are focused on different animals and subjects, ie. more in-depth lessons on bees, oceans, rocks etc. 

I think that about sums up this little update. We are heading to the island for a vacation for a week and a half and of course have birthday parties, camping trips, days at the beach and water parks planned now that summer is in full swing. So, I'm looking forward to seeing how I'm able to keep up with everything as well as have time with family and friends. I can't wait for this next month!


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