Month 4 Update - Habitat Schoolhouse

Month four update Habitat schoolhouse

Today, August 2nd marks four full months for Habitat Schoolhouse. This month has been so great for learning a lot about how business works and networking with a few fantastic other businesses in a similar homeschooling niche.  I love looking back and comparing last month to this month. As last month we hit 600 sales in total since the start of May and now we're closing in on 1 thousand sales!  

Thank you, everyone, who has been following along this journey. We've had to make some exciting changes to keep up with all the orders, read below to find out what amazing things are happening at Habitat Schoolhouse.



This month we introduced a Summer Activity pack that was 36 pages full of fun summer activities. That went over so well I've started working on bumblebee pack and an ocean pack. I always knew smaller lessons between 30 and 50 pages were something that I wanted to offer in the shop but with all the time I spend working on the full 26 week (500+ page) homeschool curriculum I did have time until this last month to actually spend some time working on something like the summer pack.  

So, with that being said all the extra time I had that has been so fantastic is all thanks to both my editor and my administrative assistant. They have each done such a fabulous job this month that I had a ton of extra time to play with my daughter, take a week off for vacation and spend the time to create a few 30-page mini-lessons. It feels really good to have to time to dedicate to those different things in my life that before I had to choose between (which, time with my daughter always won - let's be real. She wins every time without question ha ha). 

THE MOST EXCITING THING THAT HAPPENED THIS MONTH: Oh this month is tough to decide on one thing. So many good things happened. Something that kind of jumps out at me to mention though was how fantastic the homeschooling community on Instagram is. It has boosted my page views and sales so much. And everyone has been so positive and encouraging with everything I have been doing and the lessons I've been putting out. It's one thing to get encouragement from friends and family but to have over 8,000 followers constantly message you and tell you how much they love the curriculum and how much their kids are enjoying it is a huge boost to keep going and growing this business. 
(And on a personal note my daughter decided to potty train herself so YAY SO EXCITING!! No more diapers for a few months until baby number 2 arrives!)


Next month:

For this month of August it's time for BACK TO SCHOOL. Which to be honest I am not quite prepared for yet. It seems many other businesses are having back to school sales and releases and photo shoots. It would be nice to be doing the same but this next month's focus is finishing the curriculum and getting a test print made for the physical copy. So I feel like I'm a month or two behind what everyone else is doing but I'm just going to keep plugging along. The biggest goal is to finish the curriculum. I only have a few letters left then it's completely done! Wahoo! 


Long Term

Long-term again I would like to start on a Kindergarten/ grade one curriculum and a few shorter lessons that are focused on different animals and subjects, ie. more in-depth lessons on bees, oceans, rocks etc. Especially after releasing the Summer Activity Pack and having it do so well. I definitely want to make a few more smaller packs (less of a major time commitment to make). Especially as we're starting to prep for baby number two's arrival. It would be nice to have a few smaller projects on the go. 

I think that about sums up this little update. If you actually read these please let me know! Ha ha I do write them for you to know what's been going on with our little business but I feel as though I am the only one who goes back and reads it. Shoot me an email or comment below letting me know if you've been following along!

I can't wait for this next month! 


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