Homeschool Stories From Real Moms Part 3: Beautiful Memories

Homeschool Stories From Real Moms
Part 3: Beautiful Memories

We're introducing a weekly homeschooling mom feature to our blog. These posts are to encourage you along your homeschooling journey, share experiences and connect with other homeschooling moms all over the world. 

This week's homeschooling story is from Nadia. Read below to hear her story about creating beautiful memories through homeschooling.

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It all began when I myself, through unexpected circumstances, was homeschooled through highschool. I loved the experience and the opportunities it offered. When we got married, I expressed the desire to homeschool our children to my husband. Thankfully he didn’t object but rather encouraged and supported me in this decision. He even built an adorable schoolhouse in our backyard for us to learn in! We were both looking forward to having our children with us. Having the freedom and flexibility to travel together, learn at our pace, customize our own curriculum, instil important moral values, and of course create beautiful memories.

Not everyone supported our decision to homeschool. There were definitely oppositions from both family, friends, and the surrounding community. Not everyone saw homeschooling the way we did. The issue of socialization and qualification would keep coming up. I found myself constantly defending our decision. Despite some of the negative critics, there were others who applauded our decision and saw the value in it. Ultimately, we stood by what was right for our family. It isn’t always easy going against the grain, but it all comes down to our family’s priorities.


When it was time to start doing school with my first-born daughter, I jumped all in super excited. Preschool and kindergarten were fun and a breeze. However, as her schoolwork became more difficult and we added a couple of more kids to the mix, things got a bit tricky. I had moments of fear, anxiety, doubt, and just feeling inadequate and unqualified to home school. I thought that perhaps all of those negative critics were right after all! Was I ruining my kids and setting them up for a doomed future!

Thankfully, I connected with other homeschooling mamas in my community and online who encouraged, inspired, and rooted me on! I learned to give myself grace and take it easy. We adjusted to an eclectic way of learning and found a rhythm that works for our family. I’ve realized that I don’t have to know it all, instead, I learn right alongside my children. Although there continue to be challenging days, we’ve learned how to get through them and focus on the bigger picture and to remember that there are far more good days than difficult ones.

We have been homeschooling for five years now. One of the best parts about home school is that the world is our classroom! We learn in nature, in the kitchen, at the grocery store, and everywhere else we find ourselves. We are grateful that our children aren’t confined to a certain way of thinking, learning, or acting – they are free to be themselves and learn the way that best fits them. As my inspiration Charlotte Mason once said, “The art of standing aside to let a child develop the relations proper to him, is the fine art of education.”

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Homeschool Stories From Real Moms Part 3: Beautiful Memories