Our Vancouver Aquarium Blogger Tour

Jane and I had the honour of being invited behind the scenes for a blogger tour at the aquarium last month. Ever since Jane was born we have been taking her to the aquarium. There's something about the contrasting tanks and colourful fish that she has always loved even before she could crawl. 

The aquarium had some fantastic attractions for the holidays. From a mistleTOAD to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and even Scuba Clause diving in a fish tank to save Christmas. Not only were we excited to be at the aquarium but if any of you know me Christmas is my favourite time of year so to combine the aquarium with my favourite holiday was just too good to be true. 

We started off with watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in their 4D theatre. They sprayed a scent that made the whole theatre smell like freshly baked cookies, the floor glowed red when Rudolph's nose would light up and they even made it snow INSIDE the theatre when our hero and his entourage were caught in a snowstorm. Oh, and every time Bumble the Abominable Snowman walked our chairs would shake as if his big footsteps were shaking the ground below us. It was absolutely magical. Jane's face lit up with wonder when it snowed inside and when they rolled the credits bubbles fell from the ceiling which made her laugh. It was so cool! 

If you've ever been to the aquarium before you would know they have an electric eel. What they did to make his tank festive was use his electricity to light up a Christmas tree next to his tank.  Every time he let off an electric shock two metal prongs in the tank would pick up the current and power the lights. Jane really liked seeing the lights on the tree flash and I really appreciated the thought that went into that display. 

Of course, we stopped and checked out the jelly fish which are always a favourite.  For the holiday season, the aquarium made the jellyfish tank to look like a snow globe, so the jellies looked like the snow. It was magical. 

Near the end of our tour we ended at a big tank and sat down right in front of it to see Suba Claus go diving into the tank with the fishes in order to find lost sleigh bells and save Christmas.  The crowd around the tank was packed with little faces in awe of the scuba diving Santa Claus.

2018-01-11 10.08.35 1.jpg

As part of the tour we got to meet up with Scuba Claus after his dive for photos and presents. Jane was not cool with the soaking wet Santa so I took a quick selfie with him and thanked him for our presents (and for saving Christmas). What she did like was all the presents we got, the stuffed baby seal was her favourite. 

Keep an eye out for more of our adventures on the blog!