Teaching Preschool At Home

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Teaching Preschool At Home 

Our preschool home school curriculum launched this last weekend and I couldn't say it better than on of our homeschooling moms ...

You don’t need to be committed to homeschooling, you just need to be committed to being your child’s first teacher. A role you’re already involved with.
— Ashelyn Downs

I've spent the past month cultivating and creating material for the first four weeks of lessons. There's something so sweet about doing what you love and loving what you do. I pour my heart into each activity and it's so rewarding when I receive pictures of your little ones working on our lessons. The curriculum has come together beautifully and touches on all aspects of learning from academic subjects like phonics and math to practical learning like baking and the importance of helping cleaning up when we're done eating. It reminds me of things I was taught years ago when my mother homeschooled my sister and I and instilled important values in us as little girls. 

Habitat Schoolhouse Preschool Curriculum
Letter A Habitat Schoolhouse

A big hit with our homeschooling moms is our arts and culture study. Not only are children learning their numbers and letters in our curriculum but they are also becoming familiar with art, music, language, history and cultures. It gives them the opportunity to be creative and have the satisfaction of creating something. We touch on famous composers like Mozart , Beethoven and Bach, we learn about revolutionary painters like Monet, Van Gogh and Da Vinci. Each lesson has a corresponding activity like painting, poetry or music, all of which help build character, understanding and create a well rounded individual. As parents we do our job when we set our children up with everything they need to grow so why not expose them to creativity and imagination so that they have every opportunity to succeed. 

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Our entire curriculum is designed with a focused on the natural world around us. Inspired by nature each lesson teaches an appreciation for plants and animals. I remember learning best when I was outside with the grass under my feet and the clouds above my head. We cover everything from ocean creatures and garden vegetables to butterflies and the arctic tundra.  

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Currently, we have our curriculum available in PDF format and are gearing up to release our full print version in the summer, just in time to prep you preschooler for kindergarten in the fall or to start  your school year it the beautiful months to come. 

Get your copy of the Habitat Schoolhouse curriculum today! (Before the price goes up!)

Over the next few months as our curriculum grows I will be sharing our own personal experience with Habitat Schoolhouse and update you on how much our daughter is loving being home schooled. - This curriculum was designed with her in mind after all. 


If you're on the fence about committing to a full home school or don't know where to start our curriculum has everything you need. There is no prep work, no scheduling and no extra fees or fuss. 


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