Teaching the Letter T to Toddlers

Teaching the letter t to toddlers

Teaching the Letter T to Toddlers

I was talking to a number of our homeschooling moms about why I chose to start with the letter T first as too many it was a shock that the letter A wasn't my first choice. Before I even started this curriculum I spent about a month researching what children should learn before starting kindergarten. ( I went to university for many years studying early childhood education so the month was a refresher.) What studies and lists and teachers have all pointed to were things like fine motor skills, shape and colour recognition, numbers and counting, letters and things of this nature. We can teach these subjects to our little ones in the best way that suits them and sets them up for success. 

In teaching the letter T to toddlers first it helps develop their understanding and recognition of letters and helps them form words sooner. For some toddlers vocabulary and pronunciation is second nature to them but to others it takes a bit longer to start talking, pronouncing and understanding words. 

Though our curriculum is flexible and you can teach the letters in any order you see fit, we've chosen to teach the letter T first followed by A, S and B so that your child can start forming words and sentences sooner if this is something they struggle with.

Here are a few fantastic photos from moms using our preschool curriculum to teach the Letter T to their toddlers. 



More information on the preschool curriculum we use can be found on our Home School Page here. I am currently looking for moms who are interested in trying out a weeks worth of lessons for free. Please email me hello@charlottelaila.com to get your free lesson! 


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